Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Were You There? by J.P. Kidd

Blood splashed on the floor
As the man who we call Lord
Bent down to pray
For His crucifying day.

He was then betrayed
By one who once obeyed
Then came the mobs angry roar
A noise to be abhorred.

It shook the disciples to their feet
Peter charged at a crowd that he couldn't beat
He sliced an ear and started a war
Which Jesus healed without leaving a scar.

Then Jesus went without a fight
A holy and crushing sight
He told Peter he would deny
Before the rooster crowed three times.

The disciples turned coat and fled
Leaving Jesus for dead
He was brought before the people
Given one chance to be free.

But because of His father's will
He was sent to be killed
They cracked and broke Him
Slicing and stabbing without compassion.

Then He carried
Up a gloomy hill
His cross of judgment
The price for sin sagging on His shoulder

Then the nails pounded in
His hand limp by His sides
They propped Him up
Next to two thieves, one which He would glorify.

After he was forsaken
By His Master from above
He gave up His spirit
And died on that tree.

Devastated and lonely
The disciples sat without hope
Until the third day came
And Jesus awoke.

Raised, He taught and loved them
Until He had to return
Leaving them with a gift
And a command to spread His word.

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